Australian open odds

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australian open
Tennis is always popular with privateers. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Bets on the Australian Open is a great chance. So, such a unique opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

Odds at Australian Open

Australian Open consists of a great number of tennis fights and, accordingly, options for bets. You can read all about australian open prize money now. One of the four competitions of the Grand Slam is one of the most prestigious with a large amount of prize money, which makes the applicants put their best. All this makes the confrontation more spectacular and exciting. And the computation of the forces by the participants will contribute as accurately and correctly as possible to predict the outcome of the games.

Winning history of participants

Again, the regularity of games and the notion of a favorite and an outsider create an excellent foundation for more successful tennis bets. As all participants often perform in other short-term championships – their status and opportunities are known to the audience. In addition, they are in the ranking, which consists of the points gained during all performances.

Regulations of the tournament

The format of the meeting is ordinary and unchanged. There will be 5 stages including the final. 31 will be played. In total, in the women’s and men’s tournaments, 62 bouts will be held. All of them will take place at the Melbourne Park stadium in Melbourne.

The very first holding was in 1905, and then the tournament was called Australian Championship. With the name that everyone used to hear, the championship was first held 22 years later – in 1927. And it was opened to professional tennis players of other countries only in 1969.

The whole championship takes place mainly on courts with hard-surfaced.

The prize fund is not yet known, but it promises to be enormous. Pay attention to australian open prize money and calculate how much can you win on winning bets.

A noteworthy fact is that since the year before last, the rule was introduced that if the air temperature reaches 40 degrees, the match can be stopped. Earlier, despite the complaints of athletes, the match was stopped only once. Unadapted representatives to the heat will have to face some problems in this regard.

In general, such a grandiose event will undoubtedly attract a huge amount of attention from both amateurs of this sport and from betters who will surely not miss the opportunity to increase their money.

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